Sunday, July 21, 2013

TSKC Website

I am sure I spend far too much time on the website!

Almost daily I am either updating the site with news; training updates; fixing errors or, mor recently, making small updates to the sites look & feel.

I get a lot of pleasure from 'tweaking' the site. Whether it's just adding a fixed logo to the site; hiding content on the site; creating a blog - I just find it fun to do. The problem is, it tends to either

  • Keep me up to silly o'clocks in the mornings
  • Break the existing site in some way which takes me another hour or more to fix! (Secretly, that's probably one of the most exciting bits!)

So what are the latest updates?

  1. Branded Logo that stays in a fixed position bottom right.
  2. Easy access to the Top of the Page via always visible link
  3. Dynamic floating menu at top of the main pages
  4. New Kata page consisting of videos of Enoeda and Ohta Sensei's
  5. Updated Events list
  6. Embedded Google Calendar of events
  7. Reminder Post-It note on main page re Summer School
  8. Change of Members Details form to update club records
  9. FAQ link on main page
  10. Updates of forms on Downloads page
  11. Not as recent: addition of Promotional Video
  12. Twitter account created and Twitter Feed added to Website
  13. NEW Blog
  14. Updated Interactive Noticeboard / News feed
  15. Club Mailing List
Is there anything you think should be added / removed? Let me know.

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