Monday, July 22, 2013

Bierton Combined School

Why do they appear to be the only school in Bucks that will not hand out flyers / leaflets to the students whether its free, for payment or a donation. I can't understand, either, why they complain when you stand outside their school and distribute to the parents. Surely they caused the situation in the first place by not accepting to distribute the leaflets.

So I spent 45 minutes handing flyers for the Summer School to the parents before I was confronted by a very young female teacher. Just the right person to confront a very large man handing out flyers. Took them long enough to be 'vigilant'.

I was called in to see the Head which I agreed to do. I explained to him what was happening and his response was: "Well we wouldn't distribute your flyers anyway as we run our own Summer School".


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