Wednesday, June 27, 2018



What is it about the fear of competition? I can understand some who fear the risk of being injured in Kumite categories where freestyle is employed but in Junior and Intermediate grades where it is basic one / three step sparring in a controlled environment and in all kata categories - what is the issue?

It seemed in the past, students were reluctant to enter. About 5 or 6 years ago, I held a TSKC Only competition including all categories and entered all students. This was held at the Bierton dojo and was a great success with around a hundred competitors. A few months later was a JKA competition and about 25% entered. Same rules, same categories.

Since then we have had an Inter-cclub competition against Yushikai where around 65 students took part, we had recently, last year 2017, participated in the Central Region competition where we entered half of the competitors. There were only 102 in the competition.

Recently at the Nationals we entered 11! Such a poor show. Is it a lack of confidence performing in front of strangers? Thinking you're not good enough?

I have tried to reiterate that every JKA England club, even other Associations, are alike. Students who train just as much as each other.

Well I'm trying again in October 2018 with a Kata Only competition for TSKC students. All are entered. Let's see how that goes. Surely around 100% turn out? It's only kata!