Saturday, July 27, 2013

TSKC Leaflet Drop

I have thought long and hard about the proposed leaflet drop and have decided to defer it until the last week in August / first week in September. The reasoning behind this stems rom the fact that hopefully, more people will be back from their holidays preparing for the new school year and therefore will receive the flyer with interest, rather than picking it up off the mat with numerous other flyers, after returning home from holiday.

The next thing to decide is the best method to instigate the distribution. I was thinking of arranging 3 to 4 groups of people, each group with 4 or more people, meeting at different dojos on the same day and doing a mass drop. This is instead of a large group hitting just one area.

I will provide street maps for the group leader and as roads are completed, they can be marked off on the map so if that area is not completed, we will be able to see at a glance what is left to do.

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

As an Estate Agent/Letting Agent we expect a 1% return on leaflet dropping.. Personally I think having groups of 4-5 class members in kit outside Supermarkets handing out flyers and maybe one taking down email address would see a higher return as visually you all will looks great and kids, teens and adults will want part of the action..

JC Aylesbury said...

Also give the leaflets to the local schools. I always read what my kids bring home & thats how we first found out about your summer school 3 years ago & are still coming along!

Lester said...

The schools issue is becoming a bone for contention. During the past 3 or 4 years the schools have been happy to distribute the leaflets. Because of budget restraints and cuts, the majority of schools are asking for between £10 - £50 for leaflet distribution to the children.

It is not cost effective to pay £100+ for leaflets and another £150+ for distribution. This is why the leaflet drop to houses is the only way to get a leaflet to all the children in that area.

The handing of leaflets targets the people you want but unfortunately you don't get to meet all those you would like to.

Lester said...

The leaflet drop (Bucks Leaflet Drop - BLD) is planned to go ahead on Monday and Tuesday 2nd and 3rd September 2013.

If you can help, please fill in the online form. Even if you can't, complete the form and let me know.

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