Monday, October 14, 2013

DAN Grading

In the months leading up to the JKA England Autumn International Course, I have been working hard towards taking my Yondan (4th) grading. The course originally was going to take place at the K2 Leisure Centre but had to be switched to a new venue, Burgess Hill, due to a double booking.

Things were going well until 9 days before the course and my back went! With a little bit of tender loving care, I believed that it would be okay for the grading.

The 3rd day of the course arrived and despite a bit of pain, downed the pain killers and participated in the 3 hour course beforehand. Was then called up to ratify my D licence Referee qualification by performing a kata. Decided on Jion as that was the kata for my grading. I think it went well and the feedback I received was positive.

2 hours or so later, the senior DAN grading commenced. Unfortunately, the painkillers were wearing off. I did the best I could which resulted in Kata only next time. Must admit I was happy with this - enough to celebrate with a curry back in Wing!

Got my feedback on the grading and have a little inkling as to what I need to work on for next time.


Pleasantly Surprised.

JKA England are holding their Annual Instructor & Referees Qualification Course the weekend after next and I am happy to say that we have 9 TSKC members attending the course. This is excellent news for the club.

My vision with newly qualified Instructors means that the club will benefit from having the chance to be taught by other assistant instructors who may be able to inject a new view or aspect into learning our art.

Amongst the established Instructors attending, we have complete novices hoping to get some qualification they can put to use in the dojo in the future.