Saturday, July 20, 2013

Competitions: What IS the problem?

JKA England in the past has not been a great supporter of competitions. It has also gone as far as to 'lump' both the National Black & Brown Belt Championships and the Kyu Grade Championships onto the same day.

Fortunately, we are also having a 10yr Anniversary Cup this year and hopefully, something more permanent in years to come, giving us 3 comps over two days each year.

In preparing our students for these, Sensei David Paulus and I have agreed to host a friendly Interclub competition between TSKC and Yushikai. This year, it is to be held at Hertfordshire Sports Village, Hatfield and is aimed at encouraging ALL our students to experience competition karate in a less formal environment.

I have created an online form for ALL members - of both clubs -to complete letting us know who wishes to compete or not, as well as assisting in the running and officiating of the competition.

We have nearly 200 active members, so why after 4 weeks of promoting the competition, have I only received 12% of replies?

Why are people so guarded against entering a friendly competition?

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