Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Story So Far

I can't believe the last blog was back in September 2014.

So What's been happening? Here's what I can remember.

  • Passed my Yondan grading 4 days after my last blog
  • Resigned from the Shotokan Karate Lodge but it wasn't accepted
  • Had Xmas
  • Got another year older
  • 3 Kyu gradings have passed by
  • 4 DAN gradings and courses
  • New Black belts in the club
  • Attended Junior European Championships in Germany as a Referee. First time outside UK as a D Licence referee.
  • Opening of a new dojo in Buckingham and 
  • Very recently some very good results at the National Championships in 2015. We have 2 individual National Champions in the club and a National Team winner.
What's coming up?
  • Disability karate
  • Squad selection in September
  • Geocaching trip
  • New venture at Swanbourne House school
  • Trip to Japan to take licence qualifications
  • Four Nations Championships in October
  • Following the latter, Kyu grading at TSKC
Disability Karate
The Disability karate has certainly been an eye opener for me. Last year I was approached by a guy called Ray Sweeney who is trying to set up a National association about teaching karate to the disabled. I think it is a worthwhile and noble achievement and wanted to be a part of it. I'd had a meeting with ray at Stoke Mandeville and then heard nothing from him until 3 weeks ago.

A meeting was setup at Stocklake Park school in Aylesbury and I must say that it was an eyeopener on many more levels than I ever thought possible. I have much to think about.

Plans are afoot to have a geocaching event in the very near future. Keep an eye on the website for more information.

Along with a few other members of JKA England, a trip to Japan has been planned. Air ticket bought and hotel booked. Just need to start studying for the exams now.

Competition and KYU Grading
Both on the same weekend. Looking forward to that!

My second year serving the Province of Hertfordshire as an 'escorting' officer comes to an end in September. Had such a great time! Thank you Paul.

On another note I joined the Knight Templars. Wished I had done it years ago.

Looking forward to a lot more things happening this year.

Lester Wellington
Chief Instructor TSKC