Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dying City

An appeal:

My son, Chris Wellington, is putting on his own production of Christopher Shinn's play - Dying City. Together with his fellow thespian and co-star, Emily Seale Jones, they have acquired the rights to produce this wonderful play. Two theatres have been booked and rehearsals are starting at the end of May. The first tranche of performances will be at the Rosemary Branch Theatre. The second tranche of performances will be at the Upstairs @ The Gatehouse Theatre which is also part of the Camden Fringe 2014. 

This is a huge project for Chris and Emily to undertake so please find the time to support them by going to see the play.

What's the play about?

In Christopher Shinn's new play Dying City, a young therapist, Kelly, whose husband Craig was killed while on military duty in Iraq, is confronted a year later by his identical twin Peter, who suspects that Craig’s death was not accidental. Set in a spare downtown-Manhattan apartment after dark, scenes shift from the confrontation between Peter and Kelly, to Kelly's complicated farewell with her husband Craig. Shinn's creepy, sophisticated drama—infused with references to 9/11 and the war in Iraq—explores how contemporary politics and recent history have transformed the lives of these three characters.

You can get more details and information on tickets by visiting the Twitter and FaceBook links.

For information on the theatre locations:
Rosemary Branch Theatre
Upstairs@The Gatehouse
The Camden Fringe