Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Catch up

Been a while since I had the time to sit and write a blog. Don't really have the time now but hey!

My thoughts about summer are mixed. As usual, attendance at classes was low. Be it down to students being away on holiday, not bothering to come for whatever reason or totally blind to the fact that we were open for Karate! The Bring a Buddy period was exciting and has brought in a few new full time members so that was a success. Have to do another one soon. On the other hand the leaflet drop wasn't quite as successful but I do thank those who came out and helped.

On the other foot, those who did appear in the dojo for training, were full of enthusiasm and raring to go. After the National Championships in June, there was only the grading to look forward to before the summer holidays. Now they are over and the schools have re-opened, this is the beginning of a very busy few months for me, Masonically as well as Karatery. Nice word!

In a few days time, I will be at the 3 day International JKA Autumn Course in Crawley at the K2 Leisure Centre. Great time to catch up with all my friends that attend the course. Have a couple of TSKC members trying for a DAN grade on Sunday 28th. Best of luck to you.

The World Championships are taking place in October and our very own Jason Fox and our honorary member Nicole Lester will both be competing for England. In November we have the JKA Open competition on the 1st and our own grading with Ohta Sensei on the 9th.

Many will not be aware but I do actually have a social life too which includes my family, Masonry and Geocaching and as such have plays, soirees, caching and hoards of meetings to attend. Just hope my memory doesn't mess up.

The Royal Latin School deserves a mention as they will keep me extremely busy this year with the 15 NEW students whoa turned up last week. My only concern is how many will make the grade and come back for the next lesson!! All I hope. I think I was nice.

That time of year where the last grass cutting is imminent. Yay!

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Enjoy the rest of the year.