Monday, October 14, 2013

DAN Grading

In the months leading up to the JKA England Autumn International Course, I have been working hard towards taking my Yondan (4th) grading. The course originally was going to take place at the K2 Leisure Centre but had to be switched to a new venue, Burgess Hill, due to a double booking.

Things were going well until 9 days before the course and my back went! With a little bit of tender loving care, I believed that it would be okay for the grading.

The 3rd day of the course arrived and despite a bit of pain, downed the pain killers and participated in the 3 hour course beforehand. Was then called up to ratify my D licence Referee qualification by performing a kata. Decided on Jion as that was the kata for my grading. I think it went well and the feedback I received was positive.

2 hours or so later, the senior DAN grading commenced. Unfortunately, the painkillers were wearing off. I did the best I could which resulted in Kata only next time. Must admit I was happy with this - enough to celebrate with a curry back in Wing!

Got my feedback on the grading and have a little inkling as to what I need to work on for next time.


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