Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Good 'Ol Days!

Well they weren't really - not in this case. Yesterday we delivered leaflets to nearly every household in Bierton. I remember doing this on my own back in 1999 and must say I did not relish the thought of having to revert back to this form of advertising in order to market to the younger generation.

"Why not publicise through the schools?" I hear you ask. Well that has become n expensive option nowadays. the Summer School was marketed that way for 3 years. It appears as though the school funds are not what they used to be and they are looking at every opportunity to raise funds too. One school said they would distribute the leaflets for a 'donation' of £50. Ha!

Anyway, Day 2 in Bierton was like a breath of fresh air. With the Inkley family (3); Butler family (4); Luca and myself - Bierton was done in 1½ hours as opposed to the 5-6 hours it took way back in "the good 'ol days!"

Big congrats to Michaela who leafletted over half of Winslow on Monday.

Prelim congratualations and thanks to the Perry's and Irvin's for the imminent delivery in Drayton Parslow.

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Lester said...

Well blow me down with a feather. Actually had 2 prospective students turn up at Bierton on Thursday as a result of our leaflet drop. Yay!

Look forward to seeing them soon.