Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's the Students!

I have more or less come to the conclusion that a successful lesson is not totally dependent on the teacher / instructor. More of it is to do with the students. They make the lesson. Please don't say "Oh has he only just realised that?". I have known it for quite some time.

"So why are you mentioning now?" I hear you ask. Simple. I never had a blog before and at my age, by the time I get home from one of these great classes, have tea and wind down - I forget! Not tonight Josephine. Class at Honbu was buzzing with energy, down from my DAN grades to the white and orange belts. Time flies by and it just happened to be a night I needed to finish on time to pick up one of Grace's friends from work as they are off to Brighton for Grace's birthday and as I'm off to Newcastle in the early hours, timing was of the essence.

Fortunately all was okay and I got back in plenty of time for them to set off for Brighton. I now have 3 days off from teaching but not training. So enjoy my absence peeps. Back strong on Monday!


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